Sunday, August 23, 2009

French braids

Meena stopped by on Sunday to wash a load of laundry because she was having some issues with her machine. While her clothes were washing, she french braided my hair and Ella's hair.

Ella's July artwork

A few days a week, we are sent home with artwork that Ella has created while at school. I've been saving a lot of it, and have quickly realized that I will need a whole other house if I continue to keep this until she goes to middle school. My plan is to take pictures of it and post it on the blog and then just keep a few select pieces.

Here is Ella's artwork from July 2009:

Warm legs

I recently discovered "Baby Legs" at Target and instantly became a fan. They are leg warmers that start at size 0 months and go up to Toddler sizes. It's very convenient since Taylor's diaper needs to be changed often and we can just throw a onesie on her and her leg warmers.
Here is Taylor modeling her 80's accessory :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taylor's first cold

Well, after 1 1/2 weeks in daycare, Taylor developed her first cold and first case of pink eye. She had to stay home on Thursday August 13th because of the pink eye. We took her to the doctor to get some medicine so that she could return to daycare, and the pink eye cleared up within just a few hours. However, she is still working on getting rid of the cold. She lost her appetite quite a bit and she struggled while eating because she couldn't breathe out of her nose. She is definitely on the mend now and will be starting cereal Monday morning at school to keep up with her increasing appetite.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Taylor's first week of school

On Monday August 3rd, Taylor started The Goddard School. Now both Ella and Taylor go to the same school together every morning. It has certainly been a change in routine for Mama and Taylor, but so far it's been wonderful. On Taylor's first day, she did good, but had a hard time falling asleep for long as there are up to eight infants in there at one time. By Tuesday, Taylor was an old pro. She has been very good for them, taking three good naps a day and eating every three hours. The teachers are wonderful and love her. They have told me that they think she is very advanced and she is rolling all over the floor and loves to "talk" to the other babies.

Here she is with her school book. If you recall, Ella was studying Chemistry on her first day of school (in August 2007). Taylor is studying Managerial Finance :)

Cowgirl hat

For Ella's second birthday, Uncle Bob got her a pink cowboy hat. She hasn't worn it much, but ever since watching the Backyardigans episode about cowboys, she has become a fan. She even says "Yahoo" (which is what they say on Backyardigans).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa

Yesterday was Papa's birthday!!! We didn't get to have too much fun because Papa had to work all day long. However, we did record a special greeting just for Papa from Ella.

Happy Birthday...your girls love you :)

Ooyen family reunion 2009

The first week of August is the Ooyen family reunion at Starved Rock in Oglesby, Illinois. We look forward to going each year to enjoy family, eat great food and Ella gets to have fun on the playground. Unfortunately it was terrible weather this year. I could hardly believe it was the first of August and we were huddled around the fireplace in the picnic shelter. J had to work that day so Mama, Ella, Taylor, Meena and Michael Kurtz all rode down together (thanks to them for keeping Taylor entertained..... b/c have I mentioned that she hates the car?).

Taylor's bandaids

I took a picture of crabby Taylor after her 4 month appointment with her three bandaids :(