Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ella's early birthday celebration

The weekend before Ella's birthday Uncle Bob and Grandma came over for dinner and to give her birthday gifts. We had a nice dinner together and once Taylor saw how Uncle Bob was lifting Ella up in the air, Taylor walked right over to him and said "Up".

Kuipers Apple Orchard

Towards the end of September we headed over to Kuipers Apple Orchard to do some apple picking. It was a gorgeous day, a bit chilly but that was perfect apple picking weather! We got there just in time for snack, so we headed into the bakery area and had some delicious apple cider donuts. We then got in line to go on the tractor ride out to the apple orchards. They encourage people that are picking apples to try the different varieties as you pick so that you ensure you are getting an apple that you will enjoy. Taylor was very excited about this, and just kept saying "apple" over and over and wouldn't stop eating. We had a really good time and made an apple crisp with the apples that we got to pick.

Randall Oaks petting zoo

I know it's been a while since my last post, but things are super busy these days.

Back in September, we headed out to the park just down the street from our house with the girls. It was our first time visiting and I couldn't believe the treasure we had so close to home! It was a petting zoo with lots of animals (cows, sheep, peacocks, goats, horses, pigs) and there was a playground there too.