Friday, April 30, 2010

Nina's baby

Nina welcomed her baby girl into the world on April 14th. I was able to visit her in the hospital and also went out last Friday afternoon to her house to spend some quality time with her. Addison Rayne was born at 8 pounds, 13 ounces and is sooo stinkin cute. Certainly didn't want to bring my girls around her yet, but in no time at all they will be close friends :)

Congratulations to Nina and Brian on their beautiful little princess!

Ella's big fall

On Thursday 4/22, I walked into Ella's school to pick her up and was immediately told that she had fallen outside, was bleeding pretty bad and that they were calling 911. I ran back to Ella's classroom where the director was sitting with her and holding a cloth to her forehead. She was crying and there was a lot of blood leading into the room and all over her head and neck. As much as I wanted to cry with her, I knew that I had to be tough for her sake. As soon as I moved the washcloth to see the cut, I called Papa to pick up Taylor because I knew it was definitely going to need stitches.

The ambulance came and took us to the hospital and got us in to a room right away. Though it was much too hectic to get the entire story of what happened while I was comforting Ella, turns out she was running outside and went to step up on the playground stairs. Her right foot got stuck underneath the stair and she banged her forehead on the edge of the next stair. One of the first things that the nurse did was put medicine directly into her cut. It is nice b/c there is not numbing shot or needle anymore, this goes right in and numbs it up. Ella was very brave and cringed for a few seconds, but she was mostly preoccupied watching cartoons on TV.

Oma and Opa were the first to meet me at the hospital since they were so close to the house and Papa had to take Taylor home and get her fed (she's a beast if she gets hungry...not sure where she gets that from :). Meena and Uncle Michael Kurtz were driving straight from work to our house to watch Taylor for us so that Papa could come up to the hospital and be with us.

Because it was quite a distance to fall head first, we got a cat scan to check for internal bleeding. The results of that came back just fine and the doctor that was taking care of us took a good look at her cut. It was very deep and because it wasn't on a derma line (or something that sounds like that anyhow), he did suggest we get the plastic surgeon that was on call to come stitch it up. The plastic surgeon had a few more office patients and didn't get to us until about 9 pm. Lucky for us the sequel to The Little Mermaid was on TV, so Ella was patient as can be.

When the plastic surgeon got there, he gave her a shot to numb it completely because it had been quite a while since she had the numbing gel put on and because the cut was do deep. Ella was still very brave and didn't even cry for that. He did about ten stitches on the inside and about 10 more on the outside. After he was done, he did tell us that bone was exposed and that he had to cut away some jagged skin. We were right next to Ella the entire time and held her head still and arms down, but we could really only sneak a few peeks once in a while because it was not a pretty sight.

We went back today for a one week check up and the doctor said that things look good. He said that it will most likely scar b/c it was so deep, but that it is healing well. The dermabond he put on is right over the dissolvable stitches. It's basically a super glue to keep the stitches/cut from being picked at or touched. It should start flaking off in about 3 more days, and we go back in 5 weeks for a quick follow up.

Coloring Easter Eggs

This year we colored Easter eggs the night before Easter. Ella woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had come to the house, hid all the eggs and brought an Easter basket for each of the girls. Papa was able to capture one picture of us coloring eggs, but we forgot pictures the next morning (oops).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter 2010 - Part 2

Second stop on Easter Sunday was Oma and Opa's house.

The ladies....

The men....

Ella and Tia....

Family picture...

Easter 2010 - Part 1

This year we had great weather for Easter and we enjoyed spending it with family. First stop was the Sigrist House. The girls hunted for Easter eggs outside. Carriann and Brian came up with the brilliant idea to assign each girl a color, so everyone got their fair share of treats.

Poor Morgan came down with a fever just an hour before we got there, so she wasn't much involved that day.

Taylor's first birthday party

We celebrated Taylor's first birthday on Saturday March 27th at Lake in the Hills Village Community Room. We had lots of friends and family there and we had a great time celebrating our growing girl's special day. Taylor took a good nap just before the party, so she was in a great mood most of the time. I just have a few pictures to share right now because I forgot to put the memory card in my camera, so I need the cord to get the pictures (and that cord is hiding from me right now).

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Park time with the wagon

With such beautiful weather we've had, there has been a lot of outside time going on with the Martin little ladies. We put together the wagon that Taylor got for her birthday from Meena, Uncle Michael Kurtz, Oma and Opa and headed down to the park. We were able to play there for over an hour without Taylor trying to eat woodchips as she was pretty content either walking on the sidewalk or swinging. Papa was at work that day, so it was just me and my girls.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Taylor's 12 month check up

Taylor went in to the doctor today for her 12 month well child visit. She loved both the nurse and the doctor and wanted them to hold her. She charmed them with her smile and they both loved her.

She had just been to the doctor the day before her birthday party because earlier in the week she had a high fever (103.5°) and was sick for three days. Then on the fourth day, a rash appeared. We took her to the doctor to make sure that she wasn't contagious for her birthday party. She was diagnosed with Roseola (which Ella had as a baby also), and lucky for us, once the rash appears, you are no longer contagious. Taylor also had a double ear infection and started a round of antibiotics.

At the check up the doctor said that her ears still have a bit of fluid, but they don't look so inflamed anymore. Everything else looked great though her growth has definitely slowed down. She is definitely our little peanut.

Height: 28 3/4"
Weight: 19 pounds, 4 ounces
Head Circumference: 17"

She also got three shots and was a great girl. Cried for 30 seconds, then took her pacifier and was all better. Here she is rocking her Barbie bandaids!