Tuesday, October 9, 2007

First Birthday Party

We had a great turnout for Ella's first birthday party. She did pretty good with all the people passing her around, especially considering it was about 85° that day.
Here is Ella just as the party was starting, looking like a diva:

We also got Ella her very own cake to dig into (it is called a smash cake or a crush cake).

Here she is digging in to her cake:

Unfortunately, she wasn't very interested in opening gifts. By that time, she was tired and ready for a nap! She did help me open the first present though.

So, three outift changes, a sugar high, great friends/family and a very generous amount of gifts really summed up Ella's first birthday.
Thank you to everyone who helped us out (Meena, Aunt Lissa and Aunt Colette), Oma and Opa for letting us use their house for the party and everyone who was there to help us celebrate such a special day!

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Rebecca said...

I hope you had a great 1st birthday Ella!! I love you very much!