Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another boo-boo

We got a call from school yesterday that Ella fell down while she had a toy in her mouth. She cut the inside of her upper lip pretty bad. It bled for a little while and once they could see the damage, the school asked me to take her to a doctor just to make sure that it wasn't anything too serious. The doctor said that it was a deep gash, but that since it is in her mouth it will heal quickly.

So, no citrus fruit for the next few days so that it doesn't sting. She was pretty crabby last night and I'm sure it hurt her, but she didn't mind brushing her teeth last night or this morning. She's a trooper!


oma said...

ella, your boo boo hurts me too i hope you feel better real soon
with all our love opa and oma

Gramma said...

So glad it was not any more serious. What a champ!