Monday, July 14, 2008

Bike Trailer and Park visit

Over the weekend we purchased a bike trailer. We have been wanting to get one for some time b/c the park that we enjoy going to is about two miles away, but it has a jungle gym that is just for Ella's size and age. So, we set it up on Sunday afternoon and went for a ride right away. Ella did not enjoy the trip there, but definitely did better on the way home.

We took another trip to the park today after dinner and she seemed to enjoy the ride. She has gotten really good at climbing up the stairs or climbing wall and sliding down like a big girl.


Jenny Fisher said...

Good job Ella! You are growing up so fast. Tell mommy that next time you go to the park we need some video of you sliding down the slide like a big girl!


Gramma said...

Ella, Grampa and I are looking forward to seeing on the slide. We are absolutely amazed you tried the climbing wall. Your bike trailer makes us think of a rickshaw. You are such an adventurer!

Loads of Love,