Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Animal sounds at 22 months

Hard to believe that Ella is already 22 months old today. In just two short months we will have a 2 year old and will no longer have to count her age in months. Some things that she has recently learned is clearly calling us "Mama" and "Papa". She also has been very good at keeping her glasses on at all time. She even leaves them on now she she is drinking out of her cup. We had our first dentist visit and cleaning last week. It was not an easy appointment (as she does not like laying on her back), but her teeth look great and she was cavity free. Throughout the exam and cleaning, Ella kept telling me "All Done". The dental assistant handed her a Dora sticker afterwards and everything was perfect again.

Ella also really enjoys making animal sounds when she is asked or when she sees an animal she knows. We thought we would share a video taken after dinner today.


LoriD said...

She's REALLY good at her animal sounds... She must get that from her mama ;)... :)

Matt said...

That is one very cute little fishy face :)

Gramma said...

Happy 22 months, Ella! Love the animal sounds. You are very good.

We LOVE You!, Gramma & Grampa

Traci said...

Ella you are the best animal sound maker ever in life! I can't believe you are almost a big 2 year old girl!


oma said...

Ella, you are the smartest little big girl I ever saw! What took sooooo long to update your blog? I miss you when you don't put anything in there for us to see
lot's of mlove