Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Colors - video

Ella has been doing really good with learning her colors. She is always showing us things and wanting to know what color they are, so we know that she is definitely eager to learn! She knows blue, pink, orange, purple and black. We are still working on red, yellow, green and white.


Gramma said...

Ella, thank your Mama for this blog. She does such a wonderful job.

Good job with your colors. You are so smart as well as beautiful!

Big Hugs & Kisses - Hope to see you soon!

Love, Gramma & Grampa

Traci said...

Great Job Ella!!!! You are so smart! I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! (because I know you were saying that right to me!!!)


splinky said...

funny how our children say orange like they are from southern