Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glasses - pair #4

Ella got glasses in May 2008, since then we have had to replace them quite a few times. Most recently it seemed like the frame broke because of normal wear and tear (and Ella likes to put them on herself, so they may get a little more abuse than normal). Luckily we had not yet filled the warranty on the lenses, so we just got her a replacement pair of frames and lenses. It makes a world of difference and she was really excited to wear them.


oma said...

Ella you look beautiful!
we love you OPA& OMA

Gramma said...

Ella, this is a really great picture.You look so pretty and grown up. I am going to take a copy to your Great Grandpa Bob at the nursing home. This will cheer him up.

Big Kisses & Hugs, Gramma