Monday, July 13, 2009

MAJOR potty milestone

Sunday was a big day in our potty training adventure. We took our first public outing wearing big girl panties and went accident-free. Ella even pee-peed on the potty at a restaurant. Then today at school, she only had one wet diaper and peed on the potty here at home. We are thinking of sending Ella to school in her big girl panties on Wednesday to see how it goes. We are so proud of her and we are hoping to have only one child in diapers soon.



Jenny Rediehs said...

You're such a big girl Ella! So happy for you (and your parents) that you are almost potty trained!


James Sr., Traci, Laura, James Jr., Kenni, and Madelynn said...

Good Job Ella!! You are so brave to even go potty at a restaurant! You are such a big girl!

oma said...

Ella we are so proud of you.You are a big girl now!