Monday, September 7, 2009

Wisconsin visit 9/5/09

On Saturday morning, Ella, Mama and Baby Taylor headed up to Wisconsin for the day. We drove to Lori's house and visited with her family and Laura, and got to meet Carla's daughter Addysen for the first time. Addysen is six weeks old and completely adorable! The drive up went incredibly smooth. We left just as Taylor was falling asleep and she slept the entire 1 hour and 45 minutes drive without making a peep. Ella had a great time while we were there too. Her and Ellie played on their new swingset (only on the slide though since Ella hates swings) and then swam in a kiddie pool in the backyard. Those pictures are on Lori's camera, so I will post those once she emails them to me.

Here are the few pictures I did get:
Laura with Baby Addysen:

An attempt at a group shot:

Ella and Ellie in their matching dresses (we randomly found out recently that they had the same dress, so we planned to have them both wearing it that day):
The ride home was a completely different story. We left after Taylor had been fed and was getting sleepy. Instead of falling asleep though, she cried for one hour and fifteen minutes. I stopped once to try and calm her down and even tried feeding her, but there was nothing to do. She just hates the car and the morning drive up was a total fluke. I'm still glad we were able to visit with our good friends!

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