Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Emily's first birthday

We headed up to Wisconsin on Sunday morning to celebrate Emily's first birthday. Papa stayed back to work on some stuff around the house, so it was just Mama, Ella and Taylor. Luckily we left the house in the morning during Taylor's nap time so she slept almost the entire ride up there while Ella watched a movie. We had a great time playing with new toys, seeing friends and wishing a Emily a very happy birthday in person. Once all of the guests had left, we stayed behind for another 30 minutes so that we could catch up and the girls could play a little more. I headed out when both girls were tired, so both slept for about an hour of the drive home. That left about 40 minutes left of the drive, but Taylor can now hold her own bottle, so it's much more manageable.
The best picture we could get of the four girls:
Ella and Ellie:

The birthday girl:

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