Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taylor is 10 months old

What a fast 10 months it has been!

Each month we get a report from Taylor's school about the things they are teaching her and the things that she is doing now. They are working on signing words with her (drink, eat, more and all done), practicing familiar words, and singing songs with her. Here is what they had to say about some other developmental areas:

Gross Motor Skills: This has been another big month for Taylor! She has begun to take steps, and is very close to learning how to completely walk!! Wow!! This is the youngest that any of us has ever seen! She's amazing.

Small Motor Skills: Taylor has mastered the eye-hand coordination necessary to pick up small pieces of food between her thumb and index finger using the pincher grasp, and putting them in her mouth! She has also figured out how to drink out of a sippy cup this month as well. We have also been having her practice using a spoon during meal times. She is doing great!

Taylor is definitely somthing else! We all have such a blast with her. Her favorite thing to do lately is take out each and every book out of our little table bin, and throw them on the floor, one by one. Then she will sit on the floor and look at each and every one of them. It's so cute to watch her! She's too funny. She has also learned so many new sounds this month and loves to shout them out to the world! We swear she says "Ella!" and know that she says "Uh-oh!" That's amazing. We are still working on "Ma, Ma".

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