Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sick, sick, sick

We are certainly battling illness in the Martin house lately. Last week I got sick, the very next day Taylor got sick while at school. She had the stomach flu from Wednesday all the way through Sunday. We thought she was feeling better on Saturday, so we headed out to the Valentine's Dance that the school put on. It was a lot of fun and Ella had a great time dancing with her friends Carter, Emily and Brayden. Taylor saw her teachers and reached for them instantly with open arms. Unfortunately later that day, Taylor showed signs that she was definitely still sick.

Monday was President's Day, so I got to stay home with Ella and Taylor who were both healthy and very fun to play with. Tuesday morning Papa got the girls up to go to school, and Ella had a 102.6° temperature. He dropped Taylor off at school and kept Ella home with him. Papa asked Ella what she wanted for lunch and she said "I wanna go night-night". You know Ella doesn't feel good if she asks to take a nap! Not sure what she fell ill with, but she was home Tuesday and Wednesday with a fever.

Wednesday at 4:45 pm, the school called me at work to tell me that Taylor spiked a fever of 102.5°. I went and picked her up immediately. Her fever had already dropped a bit, but it was still in the 101 range. We ate dinner and then I gave her some medicine. She ate really well (peas....her absolute favorite food) and played as if nothing was wrong. We'll see how she does tomorrow at home with Papa, but we are hoping that it was just a teething fever (since she still only has her two bottom teeth).

New post with pictures to follow...just thought I'd give you an update on the family.

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