Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goddard Family Picnic 2010

On Saturday the 21st, Goddard held their annual family picnic at a park in Gilberts. J had to work so I took the girls by myself and he met up there towards the end of the picnic. Obviously it was quite difficult to take pictures while watching/chasing both of the girls, but we managed to snap two that were worthy of posting. Ella was super excited because Samantha and Kendra were there along with her friends Ashley, Samantha, Ashni and Brayden. Here is a picture of Ella and Samantha after getting their arms painted. Ella got a princess crown and Samantha got a mermaid.

Then just as we were about to leave, Ashley, Ella and Samantha jumped in the jumpy house for a few minutes.

Taylor had a lot of fun too. She loved seeing her teachers (Miss Sue, Miss Sherri and Miss Kristin) and she played with her best school friend Addie. I was not able to capture pictures of her though as I was busy chasing after her and Ella who were running in different directions most of the time!

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