Monday, October 4, 2010

Lincoln park zoo and cupcakes too!!!

On Saturday September 11th, we packed up the girls and drove into the city for a visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We first went to Nick and Fisher's place to park our van, see their apartment and also let Ella and Taylor visit with Octavia. From their apartment, we all walked the mile to the Lincoln Park Zoo and saw all the animals. The morning started off a bit rainy, but quickly turned to a beautiful day with minimal crowds!

Thanks for being the photographer Fisher!!

After the zoo and a quick lunch, we needed to get the girls home for nap. But first we stopped at
Molly's Cupcakes in the city b/c of their awesome reviews and b/c one of the women that work there recently won a cupcake contest on the Food it had to be good! Good is an extreme understatement. The cupcakes were amazing and we all enjoyed after dinner that night.

One of the cupcakes didn't make it home...we had to eat it in the car :)

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