Friday, July 20, 2007

Food Adventures

Ella has recently decided that she wants to try and eat a little bit of everything (unlike her Mama). Today for lunch she had her baby food of Pureed Chicken Noodle Dinner, and a few pickles. Afterwards, she tried a little bit of chocolate ice cream and she loved it. Though milk isn't supposed to be on her diet until 12 months, she likes to taste new things!


rebeccao said...

Ellabunny you look so cute eating ice cream!!!

I love you!
Meena (Spanish for God-Mother)
(Aunt Rebecca)

LINDAMARTIN1929 said...

MMM. That ice cream looks so good!

Love, Grandma Linda

Gumfarm said...

Ella you are so way ahead of me when it comes to the computer! Slowly I am getting the hang of it! You are so Beautiful girl that's why it will never work....I Love you!!!! Aunt Lissa