Monday, August 6, 2007

10 months!!!

I can't believe that Ella is already 10 months old, time really does fly (except for her first month of life which was slow)!

Ella can pull herself up to standing, crawl (in her own way), talks a lot and has turned into such a little person. Yesterday she stood by herself at Aunt Carrie's and Uncle Mar's house for a few seconds before plopping onto the floor. We went to dinner yesterday where she ate noodles and chicken and loved them both.....she really is our daughter! Oh, and her top tooth broke through two days ago bringing her total to three teeth!


Jill said...

Yeah- Ella is on the go! I can not believe that is the same little girl standing now, even from just a few weeks ago at the wedding! Love the blog!


LINDAMARTIN1929 said...

Daniella is the cutest, sweet baby girl we ever saw!! Beautiful picture!
Love, Grandpa & Grandma Martin