Tuesday, February 12, 2008


When I dropped Ella off at school today, her teacher had two questions for me:

1). Does Ella climb on everything at home also?

2). Does Ella always put her hand in the back of her diaper at home too?

She explained that Ella is always climbing the tables where they eat and color. There is also a step stool in the classroom that the kids use to reach the sink. They now have to put that up on a shelf when not in use because Ella is constantly climbing it.
And although Ella is constantly putting her hand in the back of her diaper, it has always been when she has a clean diaper on (thankfully).
Attached are some pictures of her new favorite hobby.....warming up her hands.


oma said...

she's her grandfather's granddaughter

LoriD said...

That's too cute, my mom went on and saw this and said Ellie has been putting her hand down the front of her pants... Apparantly they think allike ;)

rebeccao said...

that is absolutely Hilarious!!!