Sunday, February 10, 2008


This week I went through old pictures and thought I would post a few from when I was a little girl. Aside from my light hair, I see a lot of "Ella" in these pictures.

Here is one of Rebecca and I when I was 1 year old and she was 2 years old (I'm on the left):
Here are two pictures from my second birthday. I'm sure my mom would want me to clarify that everytime she would clean me up, it would take only seconds for me to get dirty again. Rebecca, my mom, me, Lissa:

This is the picture I think looks most like Ella. Not sure how old I am here, but I'm thinking somewhere between two and three years old (with my big brother Joseph):


oma said...

Cassy it seems like only yesterday we took all these pictures! Brace yourself it's gonna happen to you ;) enjoy as you can imagine time will fly by in a flash we love you all
your mama and papa

Jenny Fisher said...

So cute!! She's a mini-you! It's almost eerie how much she looks like you in that last picture.

LoriD said...

Wow, you guys were twins! (You and rebecca that is, and I think Ella's going down the path of being your triplet!)