Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tumbling class #2

Saturday was Ella's second tumbling class and although she didn't like to sit and stretch with the class, she loved hanging on the uneven bars (which just happens to be mama's favorite event when she did gymnastics).

Here is a picture her learning how to do a cartwheel:
Practicing jumping off the springboard:

At the end of the class, Mama is more tired than Ella!


LoriD said...

Aww, she's following in her mama's footsteps! I miss her!!! She's too cute!

Gramma said...

Lori is right: she is too cute. (Her Ellie is pretty darn cute too.) Ella's Uncle Bob & Cousin Danny D were gymnasts, too. Good job! Never knew that tumblers could start so young. Training for the Olympics?

Love, G & G