Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tumbling class #3

Today was Ella's third tumbling class. She did pretty good on the floor exercises but didn't really care much for the higher balance beams. Considering she is the youngest in the class, she is doing pretty good.

Towards the end of each class we all form a circle and the kids follow the instructions of the song we listen to. Ella likes to just dance and do her own thing.

Here is another video of the bye-bye song that we sing at the end of each class. She is usually worn out by this time and will lie down without putting up a fight.


Oma said...

What a cute little gymnast.

We love you Ella bella.

Love Oma and Opa

Gramma said...

What a wonderful dancer! Love your creativity.
We really enjoy these videos and watch them over & over. Ella, please thank your Mama & Papa.

Love Grampa & Gramma