Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Glasses sneak preview

Ella got fitted for her eyeglasses this afternoon and everything went great. The lenses are now on order and should arrive to the doctor in a week and then they will get shipped to us. They are pink plastic with the wrap around ear style to keep them on her face. Here is a little picture of what the frames are going to look like. And also a picture of Ella trying on Mama's sunglasses.


Rebecca said...

Ellabunny - you are the cutest thing to ever happen to glasses!!!

I love you more and more each day!!!

Meena (Aunt Rebecca)

Anonymous said...

as always Ella looks good in everything! Ella you are beautiful;)
love OMA

Jenny Fisher said...

Ella you look exactly like what your mom looked like when I met her circa 1992! It's uncanny! ;)


Gramma said...

Ella, you look very pretty in your glasses. Your Grampa wore glasses early, too.

Love & Kisses, G & G