Saturday, May 10, 2008

To see or not to see...

It's no longer a question. Ever since Ella was 9 months old we noticed that her right eye would cross pretty often. Specifically when she is trying to focus on things close up, her eye will wander in. We went and saw a pediatric opthamologist today at Good Shephard Hospital and found out a lot of great information. The office staff and doctor were extremely nice and the doctor even said that Ella was extremely well-behaved for her age and that is was a great visit overall.

The verdict is that Ella is extremely far-sighted. So, she has a very hard time focusing on things close up and even on things far away at times. She is going to need to wear glasses for a while (if not the rest of her life). We go back in about a week for a fitting on the frames and then we will order the lenses. So, the next two weeks will be the last that we will see without glasses on our little girl.

Thanks for reading and pictures from Mother's Day and "Elmo Makes Music" to follow tomorrow evening.


Anonymous said...

Cassandra you and J are great "PARENTS" you are both blessed to have such a beautiful little girl and she also is blessed to have have a great PAPA and MAMA. I love you both oops I mean the three of you

Gramma said...

Doris (Oma) is absolutely right when she says you both are very good parents. We are glad that the doctor did not recommend surgery. She will look so cute in her little pink glasses as she does in everything!

Love, Grampa & Gramma