Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pee pee on the potty progress

That title sure has a lot of P's! On Wednesday when picking Ella up from school, the teacher told Papa that Ella had pee-pee'd on the potty for the first time at school. We were so proud of her and apparently when she did it, she was really proud of herself too. Thursday she went on the potty again and on Friday she went twice while at school. We are happy that she is making so much progress with her potty training and hope to put a strong focus on it after the holidays and throw out all the diapers (or save them for the next baby). She goes pee pee on the potty every morning at home and every night before bed. She dances each time she goes and says in a random Southern accent "I pee-pee'd".

Ultimately we hope to have her potty trained by the time new baby arrives, but we still aren't being too pushy about it because we really want her to keep being so proud of herself.


oma said...

way to go Ella. we are proud of you too!!!!
love OPA&OMA

Traci said...

Yea Ella!!! What a big girl you are!