Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or treating 2008

Ella had a great time trick or treating last night. Unfortunately Papa had to work on Halloween night, so Mama took Ella to Oma and Opa's for trick or treating. Meena surprised us by showing up there just in time to go house to house. Ella did really well ringing the doorbells and saying "trick or treat" and "Thank you" at all the houses. At first, she said "trick or treat" loudly, but as the night went on she got quieter and quieter. At quite a few houses, she would take a piece of candy and when we would turn to leave, she would look at the person giving out candy and say "More, more please."

The weather was perfect for our little black kitty cat and we were able to be out for about an hour. She got a full bucket of candy and had a really great time.

Here are Ella and Mama at the beginning of the night. She was eating cookies throughout the night because she
did not want to eat dinner until after trick or treating.

Here is Ella holding Opa's hand while walking to a different house:

Here are Ella, Meena and Opa stopping for a picture in between houses:

Ella would say "trick or treat" and take candy from the bowl and put it in her halloween bucket (all while wearing her pink Dora wristband that she must have on at all times):


Gramma said...

Ella, you were a wonderful kitty cat - the bestest ever! It was so nice Opa and Meena were able to take you trick-or-treating with Mama. Hope you did not eat too many cookies - bet Oma made you a nice dinner.
Next Halloween will even be more fun with the new baby.

Love, Gramma & Grampa

Traci said...

Ella you make a very cute little kitty!! The Dora wrist band was an excellent addition to the costume!!!