Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ultrasound results....It's A ???

Baby #2 is very active with a heartbeat of 153. The ultrasound tech got quite a few laughs out of how often this baby was moving around. She said that she hasn't had this active of a baby in a very long time. Baby is measuring 19 weeks and 3 days and 10 ounces. Just one day ahead of schedule!

However, with all the moving and shaking, she was unable to determine the gender of the baby. She was very apologetic, but we knew it wasn't her fault that our baby was being modest.

Here is a picture we got to take home:

We are thinking about getting a 3D ultrasound done like we did for Ella, but I don't think that they recommend getting those until 26 weeks, so we will have to wait two more months!

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Gramma said...

Grampa voted for a boy, but I think you're having another girl. Either will be great!

Love Gramp & Gramma