Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun in the garage

Lately Ella has really been improving her vocabulary and it's such a treat to hear her say so many new words and putting little phrases together. Most recently everything is Ella's.

For example:
"Ella's sock pink"
"Ella's shoe"
"Ella's bike"

We decided last weekend to pull out the Dora bike that she got from her great grandpa for her 1st birthday. It's still a little big for her, but she likes to get on and off the bike and talk about the characters she sees on it. While Mama was carving the pumpkin over the weekend, Ella played on her bike in the garage and also on the little buggy that she is definitely too big for, but enjoyed being pushed around.


Traci said...

She's got it right!! Of course everything is Ella's! You are the cutest little bike rider in your helmet Ella!!!!

oma said...

Ella it looks like "the papa" is having more fun than you!

Gramma said...

Your Great Grandpa Bob was so happy to hear you are enjoying your Dora bike. He picked it out himself. He says he is very partial to little brown eyed girls!

You're the BEST!

Big Smooch, Grampa & Gramma