Saturday, October 11, 2008

2 year check up and short video

Ella went on her birthday for her 2 year well child visit. Lately she gets very uncomfortable in new places and having to do things that she doesn't want to do at the exact moment (ie: get undressed, get weighed, etc), but we all made it through the appointment in one piece.

Her stats are:

31 pounds

36 1/4" tall

With all of her two year molars making their appearance over the last few weeks, she has been quick picky with what and when she'll eat, so we weren't surprised that she has recently lost about three pounds (which I may have found).

Thanks for Lori for this video of Ella blowing out her candle on her birthday.


Nick and Jenny Rediehs said...

Wow, you are a growing girl Ella! Perfect for a volleyball player. Being a lefty, your Meena will make you into a great setter! ;) We had a great time at your birthday party. Thanks for inviting us.

Rebecca said...

Good Call Fisher!
Ella I can't wait to turn you into a lefty setter...although you'll probably want to be a hitter like your mama...but I'll talk her out of it!! :o)
I can't believe how fast the past 2 years have gone!
I love you