Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One sick household

The Martin house has been a pretty sick one for the past week. Last week Ella came down with pink eye and an upper respiratory infection that caused her to not eat and have a fever for four days. She stayed home from school Monday through Thursday.

Then Ella shared her virus with Mama who stayed home from work on Friday and was completely out of comission all weekend long only to finally be able to eat again tonight (tuesday). Not only did I get the same respiratory infection, but also sinusitis and a double ear infection. Since I am pregnant (18 weeks today), I was only able to take tylenol for pain and fever and that was not doing much.

Papa did a great job taking care of Ella and it was nice that they got to spend some quality time together. Every once in a while she would ask for me and Papa would show her that I was in bed sleeping and she would be fine with that. Just this morning I finally felt well enough to take her to school and when I walked in to her room to get her ready and she looked at me and said "Oh No Papa?".

Posts will resume soon, just thought I'd let everyone know why there haven't been any good photo updates lately.

Thanks for reading.


Gramma said...

What a week! So sorry you 2 were so sick. We hope you are better. Thanks for letting us know. We really love the blog and miss it. We go back and look at earlier posts all the time.

Love, Jim & Linda

Traci said...

Ella, That was so nice of you to share with your Mama and baby brother ;)

Nick and Jenny Rediehs said...

I'm glad you are all feeling better! Can't wait to see some new pictures.