Saturday, April 25, 2009

Visit with Ellie

We were so lucky to have Ellie and Lori visit us on Saturday for the day. The weather was great during the day and the four of us went to the park while Taylor stayed with Papa and watched NFL draft coverage. After the park the girls had lunch and each took a great nap. Ella even wanted to go home with Lori and Ellie, but we couldn't part with her :)

Here is a picture of the two girls together just before Ellie headed home. The hat that Ella is wearing is so cute and is a gift from The Dornfeld family. Ella does not want to take it off, so I imagine she will be wearing it in more pictures to come. Thanks for visiting and for the thoughtful gifts. The girls had a great time together and I hope they get to play again very soon.


oma said...

you two are really cute together

Rebecca said...

they're besties!!!
And too cute!

Gramma said...

What cute friends born on the same day!

LoriD said...

aww, looking at these again and I want to come visit again! Hopefully we'll see you guys soon! June at least, right? :)