Sunday, November 29, 2009

8 months old

Happy 8 months to our little Taylor.

Papa took Taylor for a follow-up appt. with her pediatrician last week b/c of the flu and we wanted to make sure her ears were clear. Her ears looked great, so her crabbiness is due to her red bulging gums and those pesky teeth trying to come through. Everyone who holds Taylor is amazed at how light/tiny she feels so we were interested to see what the scales said. With her clothes and diaper on, she weighed 17 pounds. So she is probably hovering just over 16 pounds.
Each day is something new with her. She absolutely loves table food and anything that she can "gum" to eat. She is disliking baby food more and more and we finally have resorted to feeding her table food and sneaking in bites of baby food. We have also moved up to stage 3 baby food which has small pieces of food chunks in it instead of it all being so creamy. She loves pancakes, macaroni and cheese and lasagna off of my plate!
I stopped nursing this past month and we found a formula for Taylor to drink. We introduced a lactose-free formula to her slowly and now she is great at drinking it. Along with the introduction of formula came a better sleeping baby. She still does not sleep through the night (she has done it once), but she typically wakes only once a night which is a huge improvement.

Taylor is also standing on her own more and more for longer periods of time. She will get up and start playing and then suddenly be standing on her own just looking around. She has taken one tiny step to me but it was immediately followed by falling to me without moving her feet. At the rate she is going, we are guessing she will be walking by 9 months (though we wouldn't mind if she took her time).

Here are a few pictures of our growing baby....

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great pictures cassy, you are a good candid photographer