Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goddard Fall Fest

Last weekend was Goddard Fall Fest. It's so nice that they have so many festivities where we can go and socialize with parents and teachers since drop-offs and pick-ups are usually so hectic and rushed. One of Ella's best friends, Samantha, was there and Ella was thrilled. The two of them were connected at the hip and went from room to room and event to event the entire time. There was a jumpy house outside, pumpkins to decorate, games to play and food to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Taylor had a great time b/c there was all sorts of soft climbing toys that she could play with. The school directors had a great time posing her for her pumpkin picture.
Unfortunately I had messed with some of the camera settings and most of these pictures did not turn out very good.
Decorating a pumpkin (Samantha was sitting on the other side of the table with her mom)
Jumping in the jumpy house with some other friends (before Samantha got there)

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