Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

We hosted our first Christmas this year with J's family on his mom's side. Everything seemed to go very well and Ella behaved like a very good girl. All of the family was very generous and she was lucky to receive some very special gifts. Pictures of her with the gifts will be posted shortly. Until then, here is a picture we took at the end of the day of Ella and Papa.

Thanks so much for a great day.

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Gramma said...

Your Christmas celebration was absolutely wonderful! Ella was an angel. The food was divine. The house looked beautiful as always. Your Christmas tree was perfect. It was so nice that your parents could join us.

Cassy and JP are the hosts with the most! Good job!
My sisters and their hubbies were absolutely charmed by Ella. They are crazy about all of you.

Love, Jim & Linda