Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Volleyball already ?

I was cleaning up two nights ago in order to prepare for hosting our first Christmas Dinner, and Ella found a volleyball. She insisted on carrying it around with her for the rest of the evening and kept saying "bolleyball" over and over. I guess it is time for her to start learning some basic skills :)

Oh...and she is still a lefty, so Meena will probably have to start setting lessons for her also.


Nick and Jenny Rediehs said...

Yeah! Start her early. She's a lefty and it looks like she's going to be tall. She'll be a star!

Rebecca said...

Ella I can't wait to teach you how to set!!!! You're going to be a great volleyball player!!
I love you!

oma said...

that's my girl. I'm was hoping volleyball wasn't going to end for me!
love you so much

Gramma said...

We think Ella is a natural athlete with such a sweet disposition. A very polite little girl.

Big Kisses, G & G