Monday, December 8, 2008

Nail polish and Moosh

On Saturday during "nap" time, we heard Ella quietly playing in her room for about 1/2 hour before she fell asleep. When we went to wake her, she had 5 brand new diapers and about ten toys in bed with her. Ever since that nap, she has not been able to do anything without taking her moose with her. Opa bought her this moose when he went to Sweden last year, and she lovingly calls him "Moosh". Here she is before bed time watching an episode of Dora with Moosh.

I have been wanting to paint Ella's nails lately, but wasn't sure if she would quite understand how to let it dry without touching anything. We started with just her one thumb fingernail as a test. She is always looking at that nail now and calling it "pretty" and wanting me to blow on it some more as if it isn't dry enough. Who knows if we will ever get the rest painted, but at least it's a start.


oma said...

I like your moosh Ella. Opa is very proud he got something for you that you love!

Traci said...

Ella! Your little thumb nail is so beautiful!! Moosh looks like he is a wonderful friend also!!! Does he have a matching Dora wristband?