Sunday, February 1, 2009

32/33 weeks, month 8

Time for another belly pic so that Greta can see how large Mama was while carrying her. In all fairness, these pictures were taken at 11 pm on Saturday night when I was very tired. As I've mentioned in every Greta post, this pregnancy sure is flying by. I am visiting the doctor's office every two weeks for regular check ups. My last ultrasound came back with great results. The baby is only meaasuring about one week ahead and my fluid levels are great. The only that came back needing attention was my iron levels. They have been low the entire pregnancy and I have been taking prenatal vitamins with extra iron in them, but apparently that hasn't been enough. So I am now taking an additional iron supplement twice a day until delivery and probably for a few months afterwards as well.


oma said...

Cassy I'm very excited can't wait to meet new baby love oma

LoriD said...

You're looking great Cassy!!!