Saturday, February 7, 2009

Carrie and Mar video

We haven't really had the chance to visit with Carrie and Mar much lately, everyone has such busy schedules. However, we did spend some time with them last weekend when we went to Willow Creek and Carrie helped me check Ella into the Promiseland (kids area). A few nights ago Ella looked at a picture we had on the computer and just started naming everyone in the picture without being asked or prompted. I had her do it again for the camera. I love how she says "Carrie, Mar". At the end Ella says "Click" b/c that is what she does when she pretends to take pictures.


LoriD said...

Smart little girl you've got there!

oma said...

Ella I'm so proud of you! You can put sentences together , that little brain is workingI love it