Monday, February 16, 2009

Jenna's 4th birthday

Saturday night we celebrated Jenna Coalson's 3rd birthday party at "Pump It Up". Seeing as though walking is a struggle for me lately, we let Ella know right away that if she was going to play, she had to take Papa with her. She had such a blast. She loved going down the slides the most. She found a play area that was just her size and had a blast playing on it all by herself, repeatedly for about 40 minutes. When the jumping time was all done, we went to enjoy some pizza and cake. Ella kept asking Papa for "one more" and then "two more" because she wanted to go down the slide just a few more times before we had to leave.

Happy 4th birthday Jenna, thanks for letting us celebrate your special day with you.

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oma said...

good job papa J you look like your enjoying yourself(not!) your a good papa