Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday morning - Healthfair and Carnival

Saturday morning after breakfast at home we headed out to Huntley for the Centegra Healthfair. It was a free day full of fun activities, but the major reason we went was because they had free bicycle helmet fittings and free helmets for the first 400 kids. We got there about 40 minutes before the event started and there was a line in the parking lot and it was already almost 90°. J got in line right away and I got the girls sunscreened and situated before heading to the line. Fortunately the lined moved rather quickly and we got the girls free bicycle helmets that hit them.

We headed out shortly after getting the helmets b/c the girls' school was having a Carnival in the school parking lot. They had an awesome inflatable slip and slide that the kids all really loved (was a bit too scary for Taylor though), Carnival games, a jumpy house and free lunch made it a great time. We were able to snap a few pics...

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