Monday, July 12, 2010

Taylor's 15 month appointment

We took Taylor in for her 15 month well child visit on Friday July 2nd. She was a very good girl for the doctor and the doctor also said that everything looks great. She was talking so much to the doctor that she said even if Taylor were 6 months older she would still think everything looks great :)

Then the mean nurse came in to give Taylor her three shots. Typically the nurses are super speedy when it comes to shot time, but this time her nurse was kind of slow and Taylor was not happy. Of course a few days after her shots she got a cold and is now being treated for a double ear infection, but she is getting back to being her happy self.

Things have definitely changed since her last appointment 3 months ago. The girl doesn't stop talking! She is very opinionated and will tell you exactly what she wants and when she wants it! She had a lot of words in her vocab now and she uses them perfectly: Up, Down, More, Please, Thank you, Ella, Mama, Papa, Paci, Cup (pronounced Pu), bite, baby, dog and will repeat anything you ask her to say. For example, after spending the night with Meena, Taylor can now almost say her name except that it sounds like Beena or Nana :)

My little peanut is 21 pounds (barely) and 31" long. Here's a picture of her rockin' her Barbie band-aids.

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Traci said...

Poor baby T! I just want to hold her and rock her and squeeze her!!!!