Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day 2010

What a busy Father's Day we had, and of course we don't have a single picture to show for it :(

It started off early with 9 am service at Willow creek church. We typically go to the Saturday night services as it isn't easy to get out of the house by 8:30 am, but we managed this weekend. Church ended around 10:15 and we headed out to the parking lot where they were having a "dadfest". Popcorn, hotdogs and ice cream for the entire family. We also walked around and looked at the cars they had on the show and some RVs that we thought would make for a fun family vacation someday. We ran into quite a few people from Goddard (Miss Amy and Kendra seemed to be the highlight for Ella).

After church we stopped at my parents to wish my dad a happy birthday and happy father's day (since both fell on the same day this year). Our visit was only about 10 minutes long since we had to get the girls home for lunch and nap. Once family nap time was over, we fed the girls a small snack (since dinner was going to be later than usual that evening) and got them dressed for the swimming birthday party. Got to the party just in time and the girls did not waste a minute getting into the water. Taylor is a true fish. She headed right to the water and was putting her face in every chance she got. Ella took a bit of warming up to the slides and water features, but after about 5 minutes....she couldn't stop smiling.

The girls ate dinner and cake, we showered them and put them in jammies so that we could get them right to bed when we got home. Taylor is typically in bed at 7:30 pm and Ella at 8:30 pm, so we knew that this was going to be a slightly later evening than expected since the party ended at 8 pm (but we also knew that they would sleep great after playing in the pool for almost 2 hours). We stopped by the hospital and J went up to see his dad and give him a card and two art projects that the girls made at school. Unfortunately they wouldn't allow kids to go up there because Ella was going to give Grandpa the flag that she made at school, but Papa just had to go and deliver it for her.

We were really fortunate to spend some time just the four of us on Father's Day since J has been working the past few Saturdays and we had a great day together!

Happy Father's Day!

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