Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Bunny Visit 2008

Mama, Ella and Meena went to visit the Easter Bunny on Saturday. Last year Ella did very good and sat quietly on the bunny's lap. This year was a very different experience. When we first saw the bunny, Ella was calling him Elmo and smiling at him. So we talked a lot about "White Elmo" while in line to hopefully get her excited. When we were next in line, Ella waved to him and said "Hi". As soon as we approached him however, the meltdown began. We still managed to get a picture for her scrapbook.

And for fun here is the picture of Ella with the Easter Bunny from 2007 when she was just 6 months old.


LoriD said...

Oh my goodness... She's so cute, crying or smiling, I don't care, she's too cute!!!

Gramma said...

Did that mean bunny pinch Ella? Her Papa didn't much like the bunny either.

oma said...

ohhh I feel so bad for her I hope she's over her trauma and that next year is better for her --I love you Ella

Rebecca said...

Ella I had so much fun with you going to see "white elmo" - tell your mama to post the picture I took!!