Thursday, March 6, 2008

Farmer Ella

Ella wore the overalls to school today that she got from Meena Rebecca for Christmas. After I did her pigtails I couldn't help but think that she looks like a little farmer.

Also Ella went in for a round of shots after school today. Three in total and she was a very good girl. Cried for just a few seconds and was back to herself.

Happy 17 months Ella. Today the teachers wrote on her daily report that she has been using her words in class. They heard her say "Elmo" and "Ball" today.


Gramma said...

She is growing fast!
Uncle Bob

Gramma said...

Will she being helping Auntie Lissa on the farm?

Grampa & I are looking for a picture of JP wearing these when he was little.
Love, G & G