Friday, March 21, 2008


Lucky for us Ella has learned a new word and uses it quite frequently. Pretty much everytime I ask her a question lately her answer is "No". I don't think she understands what it means yet because I will ask her if she wants something and she will answer "No", but then come and take it.

Her school daily report did make mention that she has been using her words to try and communicate a lot more. So the words that she uses now are:

P (she can only make the P sound when she tries to say "up)

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Gramma said...

Ella's Godfather/Uncle Bob was known as "Baby NO" as that was definitely his favorite word.

We Love You, Ella! You do learn more & more each day.

Cassy, Thank you some much for this wonderful Blog. You do a fabulous job!

Love, Grampa & Gramma, aka Jim & Linda