Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dora hat

Well, today Ella decided to boycott nap time. She was definitely tired, but instead of staying in her bed, she just kept getting into things in her room. Papa let Mama take an hour nap first and then Ella and I went out to the store so that Papa could get a little nap in. We are trying to build up as much rest as possible so that we are completely ready for new baby's arrival (which I'm really hoping happens sooner than later!).

While shopping Ella was a very good girl and we got her a new Dora hat. Lately she is very interested in putting a "pretty" in her hair. This includes pony tails, pig tails, barretts and headbands. So naturally, she can't go a single minute without her new hat on already.


oma said...

that's a really pretty hat for a really pretty little girl!You look good Ella

Rebecca said...

Ella you are the prettiest little tomboy I've ever seen!!!
I love you!

Gramma said...

Ella, we love your hat! It is beautiful, just like you!

Love, Gramma & Grampa