Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Singing Backyardigans with baby

Ella got her little baby and stroller for X-mas from her cousins in the Feliciano-side Christmas exchange. She loves to put the baby in and out of the stroller and take her for a walk. I think it makes for good practice when her new sister is born and the weather gets nice enough to walk outside! Additionally, Ella has taken an interest again in "The Backyardigans". She used to watch it when she was younger and couldn't talk b/c the colors in that show are very bright and you can't help but stop everything to watch. She doesn't watch it too often so she is still learning the words to the theme song, but she tries to sing along every time. I think her love for singing may come from Mama, but her tendency to be off-key may be from Papa :)


Gramma said...

Ella, we love your singing! You sound sweet to us. You look so cute with your baby doll.

Great Big Kisses & Hugs,
Grampa & Gramma

oma said...

ella I like how you have a beautiful voice.